Fastbraces® in Austin, TX

When it comes to getting straighter teeth, we know at Lake Travis Family & Cosmetic Dentistry that patients typically want to get the best results with three key considerations in mind: comfort, affordability, and quick results!

That’s why we’re proud to be one of Austin, TX’s leading FASTBRACES® providers. With their advanced technology, FASTBRACES® provide comfort, affordability, and quick results as three keys to their amazing benefits.

Experience Quick Results with FASTBRACES® in Austin, TX

One of the most appreciated key benefits of using FASTBRACES® for a straighter smile is that patients can see a noticeable difference in their teeth within a matter of days! In fact, many of Lake Travis Family & Cosmetic Dentistry’s patients have achieved the desired results in as few as 100 days!

Comfort is Key When it Comes to FASTBRACES®

Wearing traditional braces from decades past also meant there was a moderate level of pain and discomfort associated with their wear. And although the use of clear aligners as an option for straighter teeth can alleviate a portion of the associated pain, it can take up to 18-24 months before patients notice straighter teeth. But with the advanced technology and other advantages of FASTBRACES®, patients have been able to benefit from decreased pain. As a side note, the inventor of this technology never had to prescribe pain medication to his thousands of patients.

Budget Considerations: The Hidden Advantage of FASTBRACES®

As a revolutionary new treatment option in the orthodontic profession, coupled with the speedy alignment of FASTBRACES®, Lake Travis Family & Cosmetic Dentistry has been able to perform certain procedures such as crowns, veneers, or implants with less difficulty. The use of FASTBRACES® also avoids the necessity of tooth extraction – something that is quite common in other treatment protocols.

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As a multi-specialty practice with a focus on general and family dentistry, Lake Travis Family & Cosmetic Dentistry can improve your smile with the most cost-effective and results-focused treatments available today. Whether it’s through FASTBRACES®, clear aligners, veneers, or restorative dentistry in Austin, TX, we’re committed to providing our patients of all ages with the latest treatment options in our comfortable and relaxed dental office. Call us or book your appointment with us today!