Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Austin, TX

For some people getting dental treatment at Lake Travis Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, sedation dentistry is utilized to create a soothing and anxiety-free experience. It allows those who are frightened of going to the dentist to get the dental treatment they need while avoiding the fear known as “dental phobia.”

Fear of the dentist keeps 30% of the people away. This all-too-common “dental fear” keeps patients from getting the necessary dental treatment they need, putting their mouth and smile’s health and functionality at risk.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

  • One of the most essential advantages of sedation dentistry is that it causes patients to believe their dental operation took only a few minutes when, in reality, it may have taken hours.
  • As a result, sophisticated dental procedures that would ordinarily require numerous visits, such as smile makeovers or major rebuilding procedures, can sometimes be completed in fewer visits.
  • If you’re hesitant to improve the appearance of your smile because you’re terrified of prolonged or complicated dental treatments, sedation dentistry can help you relax and obtain a smile you’ll be proud of.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is used to relax patients during dental treatments. You’ll stay awake while using Nitrous oxide, but because it’s gas, it wears off rapidly after you stop inhaling it. Patients who receive Nitrous oxide as a sedative are frequently allowed to drive themselves home after their procedure.

Oral Sedation

Depending on your situation, you may be asked to take one pill the night before and one pill an hour before your treatment, though your dentist’s instructions may vary. This sort of oral sedation anesthesia keeps you conscious during your treatment but relaxes you greatly, which is typically beneficial to patients who have significant levels of anxiety.

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