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White Dental Fillings in Lakeway, TX

White Dental Fillings in Lakeway, TX

If you wind up with a cavity, you likely know that it means you’ll have to get a filling. While most people know what a filling is and what it is used for, you might not be aware that you have multiple options regarding the type of filling you get. One of the most popular options is a white or composite filling. As per our dentist in Lakeway, TX, there are many benefits to this filling versus other options, and they are routinely the go-to choice for people with cavities, particularly in their front row of teeth.

What Are White Fillings?

White dental fillings are also composite fillings and are known so because of their appearance to natural teeth. When it comes to fillings, they can be made from various materials, but many options don’t resemble natural teeth because they are made from materials like rare metals.

Composite fillings are made of materials that are easy to shape and mold to resemble natural teeth. In most cases, the materials used to make a composite or white filling are a mixture of acrylic and resin with a mixture of glass. This provides a strong and stable substance that can fill the cavity and be sealed like a typical filling, but the material can then be colored, tinted, or stained to match natural teeth.

It can then be sanded and polished to resemble the proper shine and sheen of a real tooth and to feel as smooth as possible.

When Should You Get White Dental Fillings?

White fillings are the perfect choice when you have an exposed cavity in one of the front-facing teeth. This way, you can repair the tooth and make sure it looks as close to a natural tooth as possible.

However, white dental fillings probably aren’t the best solution for the back teeth. This is because these teeth are less visible, and more of the force of our bite when we eat is applied to the back teeth. While white fillings are quite durable, they aren’t as durable as pure metal fillings.

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