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General Dentistry in Lakeway, TX

general dentistry

General dentistry is one of the primary services we are proud to offer here at Lake Travis Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. If you’re unsure what general dentistry is and why you need it, you can consider it your primary oral hygiene care needs. We handle all the basic care so that you can focus on living life and doing the things you need to do in-between visits, and if something major comes up in your oral health, we’re there to spot it and get you the treatment you need.

What Does General Dentistry Cover?

General dentistry is responsible for what can be considered your primary dental care.

Exams and cleanings are one of the most important parts of your oral hygiene routine and, if missed, can lead to many different oral health problems. Scheduling regular visits to your dentist for bi-annual exams and cleanings are the foundation of good oral health.

Exams are how we make sure that you’re following good oral health habits and checks to see if any issues are developing, acting as the first line of defense against health problems. Cleanings and oral cancer screenings help to keep your teeth free of cavities and your gums free of gum disease.

General Dentistry can also cover TMJ treatment, sedation dentistry, dental sealants, and also children’s dentistry.

Additional Services Performed by a General Dentist

Besides managing your overall care and providing cleanings and exams, a general dentist performs many other services that technically fall under different dental specializations.

For example, your general dentist will usually handle most simple tooth extractions that don’t require surgery, as well as root canals, crowns, and veneers.

These services are designed to protect and preserve your teeth and save them once they have become damaged due to disease and decay. As you can see, general dentistry is responsible for much of the care that goes into ensuring you have a great-looking smile that lasts for years.

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